[PATCH] Consider error-reporting calls cold in BPI

Hal Finkel hfinkel at anl.gov
Tue Feb 11 07:15:50 PST 2014


I think that this is a nice improvement over the existing code.

 - Is there some reason that we cannot fold BoundLibCallSimplifier into LibCallSimplifier? Having the two classes seems somewhat silly, especially since the 'outer' LibCallSimplifier class does so little. LibCallSimplifier could have a CI member variable ;)

 - There are still a few formatting tweaks needed... does running clang-format on it produce a reasonable result?

Thanks for working on this!


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> > 
> >     Chandler, are you okay with me committing this as is? As noted,
> >     I think that
> >     it matches the existing design.
> > 
> > 
> > I suppose. This is bad enough that someone needs to go clean up the
> > entire file
> > immediately... but I guess I shouldn't hold up this patch on that
> > front.
> Many apologies for the delay.  I finally got around to taking a look
> at what we
> can do to clean this file up.  I am not looking for a full review now
> (I will
> send out a proper separate patch for that), but could y'all give it a
> quick
> look to see if the general approach is better?  If the general
> approach is
> OK, then I will do another pass to clean things up a bit more.
> I believe I have simplified the design quite a bit and find the
> result much
> more straight forward.  All the little classes are gone and I was
> able to drop
> about 200 lines of code.
> I am attaching the new file and diff since there is so much noise in
> the diff.
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