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 <b>JavaScript JIT with LLVM</b><br>
 <i>Filip Pizlo - Apple Inc.</i><br>
 <a href="slides/Pizlo-JavascriptJIT.pdf">Slides</a><br>
-<a href="Pizlo-JavascriptJIT-720.mov">Video</a> (Computer) <a href="videos/Pizlo-JavascriptJIT-360.mov">Video</a> (Mobile)<br>
+<a href="videos/Pizlo-JavascriptJIT-720.mov">Video</a> (Computer) <a href="videos/Pizlo-JavascriptJIT-360.mov">Video</a> (Mobile)<br>
 Dynamic languages present unique challenges for compilation, such as the need for type speculation and self-modifying code.  This talk shows how to add support for these features to LLVM and use them to implement a JIT for JavaScript.

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