[PATCH] Set basic block start as microMIPS

Jack Carter Jack.Carter at imgtec.com
Fri Dec 20 14:23:28 PST 2013


Patches, compiles, tests and code looks ok.

You may get pushback for not having a .s testcase.
The intragrated assembler is only tested for .s output. For the ELF object testing one is suppose to use llvm-mc.

I know it doesn't make sense in this case, but it is what it is.


From: Zoran Jovanovic
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2013 8:03 AM
To: llvm-commits at cs.uiuc.edu
Cc: Jack Carter
Subject: [PATCH] Set basic block start as microMIPS

This patch adds code that sets label at start of basic block as microMIPS (set STO_MIPS_MICROMIPS in st_other field ) when generating microMIPS code. Also, emit label as jump target to avoid referencing .text because it is not set as microMIPS.

Zoran Jovanovic
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