[PATCH] [DOC] Mapping High-Level Language Constructs to LLVM IR

Mikael Lyngvig mikael at lyngvig.org
Tue Dec 17 10:33:29 PST 2013

Hi guys,

I am a bit short on time for the time being so I thought it would be better
to move the quite incomplete mapping document into the LLVM docs folder so
that others are more likely to join in the fun of documenting every detail
of LLVM IR from the opposite direction of what the existing documentation
does (the existing documentation is very developer-centric whereas the
Mapping document is very user-centric).  Also, I had expected many more to
join in than actually did join in so I figure it is better to store the
document with the rest of the LLVM documentation.

I am by no means done working on this document, I just want to make it
easier for others to contribute.  And I'd like to encourage everybody to
add their tips, tricks, observations, experiences, and so forth so that we
get a gigantic document that will help all newbies a lot.

The end goal is to eliminate any and all TODO's in the document as well as
the first chapter of to-do items.  I must also confess that we are reaching
the limits of what I currently know about compilers and LLVM IR.  I figure
somebody with actual hands-on experience of how to implement exception
handing using the Itanium ABI can document this in a matter of hours where
it would take me weeks because I'd have to learn it all from scratch,
experiment with it, and then finally document my findings.

-- Mikael
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