[PATCH] Fix inline assembly that switches between ARM and Thumb modes

Greg Fitzgerald garious at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 17:08:15 PST 2013

  Hi Renato,

  > Couldn't you have used the first implementation you had to restore the feature bits?

  That would work, except that the object file would be missing the mapping symbol ($a/$t).  `objdump` would print garbage after the inline assembly.  Need that call to EmitAssemblerFlag(MCAF_Code16)

  > Also, you need to make sure this reverts when the output is text, too
  > (so after dumping raw text), and get a test to check for it.

  As Jim pointed out, we can't implement this without closing our GCC escape hatch.  When emitting raw text, we don't run the Asm parser.



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