[PATCH] ARM IAS: support .inst directive

Tim Northover t.p.northover at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 00:34:36 PST 2013

>> I believe instructions are always stored in little-endian format on ARM (well, approximately, it seems to be configurable in R-class processors to avoid annoying people with brain-dead legacy code: see A3.3.1).
>> If so, this logic is probably unnecessary.
> Unfortunately, for compatibility with GAS, we need to do this stupid swapping :-(.

I've just been scarred for life by digging into what goes on.
Apparently the linker gets the job of swapping the byte order on all
instructions back to little-endian, so the swapping *is* needed.

Other than that, I've just got one more small point (the rest looks
fine to me). The error message ""inst.w operand is too big" seems to
be printed in ARM mode, where it's a bit misleading.



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