XCore target: Refactor LR handling

Richard Osborne richard at xmos.com
Wed Dec 11 13:54:20 PST 2013

+  // We will handling LR in the prologue/epilogue
+  // and space on the stack ourselves.

We will handling LR -> We will handle the LR
and space -> and allocate space

+  int getLRSpillSlot() const {
+    assert(LRSpillSlotSet && "LR Spill slot no set");
+    return LRSpillSlot;

no set -> not set

+  int getFPSpillSlot() const {
+    assert(FPSpillSlotSet && "FP Spill slot no set");
+    return FPSpillSlot;
+  }

same here

Looks fine otherwise.

On 2 Dec 2013, at 11:41, Robert Lytton <robert at xmos.com<mailto:robert at xmos.com>> wrote:

Here is a refactoring patch for the XCore target.
It is in preparation for EH handling.

    XCore target: Refactor LR handling

    We also narrow the liveness of FP & LR during the prologue to
    reflect the actual usage of the registers.
    I have been unable to construct a test to prove the previous live
    range was too large.



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