[PATCH] Using select for remote MCJIT messages

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Sun Dec 1 04:59:57 PST 2013

  I just saw a problem with my implementation.

  However, not having the counter is locking, and returning -1 on timeout is breaking.

  Furthermore, if I add the select on both children and host, the communication channel also lock.

  I think I'll have to add select on both reads and not on any write.

  I'll try again.

Comment at: tools/lli/Unix/RemoteTargetExternal.inc:94
@@ +93,3 @@
+    // We don't want to block for too long, but we do want to try a few times
+    if (Ret == 0 && Counter--)
+      continue;
This is going to let pass the last cycle and let read deal with it, which is not ideal.


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