[PATCH] [DOCS] ldd's usage of C++11 requires GCC v4.7+

Mikael Lyngvig mikael at lyngvig.org
Fri Nov 29 20:58:28 PST 2013


There's a slight inconsistency in the LLD documentation: The main build doc
says that GCC v4.7+ is required, but the C++11 doc states that GCC v4.6+ is
required.  I just tried building LLD on a PowerPC/Debian system with GCC
v4.6.3 and that failed, probably because of GCC v4.6.3 not being supported
(as the LLD builders seem quite happy about everything).

Attached is a tiny patch that changes the C++11.rst document to list GCC
v4.7+ instead of GCC v4.6+.

-- Mikael
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