[PATCH] Fix dominator descendants for unreachable blocks.

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Fri Nov 29 09:47:31 PST 2013

On 29 November 2013 14:49, Diego Novillo <dnovillo at google.com> wrote:
> Thanks.  Apologies for the naive question: does this mean the patch is
> OK to commit?

Hi Diego,

Good question. ;)

Normally, when the patch is on my area of expertise, "LGTM" does the
job. But this patch is not really, so in theory you should wait for
someone more knowledgeable to respond.

But since this patch is really obvious, and because I'm sure you ran
all the tests, you should be able to commit if no one else reply to it
in a day or so, and we can do post-commit review.


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