[PATCH] [DOC] LangRef: Clarify when index of temporaries begin at 0

Mikael Lyngvig mikael at lyngvig.org
Tue Nov 26 17:50:34 PST 2013

This patch adds the following sentence to the LR after it states that
temporaries begin at index 0:

   If you do not specify a label for the entry block, the temporaries start
at index 1 as index
   0 is then used for an implicit label generated by LLVM.

This because LLC complains when you use %0 as a temporary and there is no
entry point label in the function.  Then you get an error message, which
can be quite difficult to figure out why.

If this patch is rejected, somebody should probably phrase the above
appropriately and submit a new patch.

-- Mikael
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