[www] r195689 - Update clang-format VS plugin download links for r195641

Hans Wennborg hans at hanshq.net
Mon Nov 25 13:36:29 PST 2013

Author: hans
Date: Mon Nov 25 15:36:29 2013
New Revision: 195689

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=195689&view=rev
Update clang-format VS plugin download links for r195641


Modified: www/trunk/builds/index.html
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/www/trunk/builds/index.html?rev=195689&r1=195688&r2=195689&view=diff
--- www/trunk/builds/index.html (original)
+++ www/trunk/builds/index.html Mon Nov 25 15:36:29 2013
@@ -68,16 +68,16 @@ license.</p>
 <div class="rel_boxtext">
   <p>We also provide a standalone Visual Studio plugin for clang-format.  It
-  requires Visual Studio 2012 Professional.  Notably, the Express edition does
-  not support plugins.</p>
+  requires Visual Studio 2010 Professional or later.  Notably, the Express
+  editions do not support plugins.</p>
-  <!-- Alternatively, the plugin could look for the LLVM in the registry. -->
+  <!-- Alternatively, the plugin could embed the clang-format binary. -->
   <p>This plugin relies on clang-format.exe being available on PATH.  You can
   install clang-format.exe by installing the LLVM toolchain above and checking
   the box to add LLVM to the system PATH.</p>
-  <p><a href="downloads/ClangFormat.vsix">Visual Studio plugin installer</a> (<a
-    href="https://llvm.googlecode.com/files/ClangFormat.vsix">mirror</a>)</p>
+  <p><a href="downloads/ClangFormat-r195641.vsix">Visual Studio plugin installer</a> (<a
+    href="https://llvm.googlecode.com/files/ClangFormat-r195641.vsix">mirror</a>)</p>

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