[PATCH] llvm-cov: Updated file checksum to be timestamp.

Robinson, Paul Paul_Robinson at playstation.sony.com
Fri Nov 15 17:38:27 PST 2013

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> Subject: RE: [PATCH] llvm-cov: Updated file checksum to be timestamp.
> >> 2. Using the output file itself to seed hash function, which makes
> it
> >> deterministic. I've tried implementing this using the size of the
> >> output buffer and it was pretty simple. The problem with it, however,
> >> is that there's a lot more chance for a change to the GCNO file to go
> >> unnoticed. I also think that even if the source hadn't changed
> between
> >> compiles, the new binary files shouldn't be compatible with the old.
> >
> > This is obviously the correct approach. In general, it's important to
> > be able to have reproducible builds so that we can reproduce the same
> > binaries from source, builds where outputs can be cached (for instance
> > by modern non-make build systems that use the md5 of the output
> files),
> > etc. GCC's behaviour is silly and there's no need to replicate it.
> >
> >> "The problem with it, however, is that there's a lot more chance for
> a
> >> change to the GCNO file to go unnoticed."
> >
> > What do you mean by this? Are you worried that things could go into
> the
> > GCNO file without being an input to the hash function? The checksum is
> > a safety measure to help people avoid accidentally putting mismatching
> > GCNO and GCDA files together. Not having something be input to the
> hash
> > is the safe failure. We don't want the checksum to change if other
> > parts of the GCNO file weren't modified.
> What I meant by the last statement was that if you are doing something
> like hashing the size of the file to compute a checksum, there is a much
> higher chance that you may be using a GCNO file generated from a
> different source that just happens to be the same size. Obviously that
> was just an example, so if you guys came across a better way to seed the
> hash for Google's gcc checksum, I'd be happy to hear it :)

Can we use an MD5 of the source file here? (Not having looked at the
patch, sorry...) The only reason I ask is that there's a DWARF 5 feature
to use MD5 instead of timestamps in the debug-line info, so computing an
MD5 of the source files is something we'll want to do anyway, eventually.

> Anyway, I've taken your arguments to heart and here is a new patch that
> uses a deterministic approach. Feedback is greatly welcome.

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