[PATCH][Mips] ELF header flag support for assemblers

Jack Carter Jack.Carter at imgtec.com
Fri Nov 15 15:37:31 PST 2013

There are 2 patches here both representing the beginning of our handling of information that goes into ELF headers and tables.

The first patch begins to address default ELF header flags based on FeatureBits In the standalone assembler (llvm-mc). We will be shifting the integrated assembler over to this method, but it will require a lot of changes/patches to bring the output up to the current standards. The current patch (01) removes most of the "hack" code, breaks out the MipsTargetStreamer implementation into its own file and sets the default ELF header flags for llvm-mc.

The second patch (02) implements the handling of a few directives through the TargetStreamers.

If these patches are acceptable we will go ahead and start converting all the integrated assembler streamer calls to use generic MipsTargetSteamer methods and match the calls on the llvm-mc side. We will also be moving more commandline flag settings to FeatureBits and attempting to get both the integrated and standalone assemblers using the same method.

There are holes that need to be filled. Currently STO symbol handling is only on the integrated assembler side and needs to be done on the llvm-mc side as well. The MipsTargetSteamer objects are not set up for dyn_cast. I don't know yet how far up it isn't ready, but we will want it fixed soon. There are still some integrated assembler direct object tests and they need to go once we have a unified handling of the ELF output.

Are these patches good to commit?

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