Ninja.exe for website?

Mikael Lyngvig mikael at
Thu Nov 14 12:36:19 PST 2013

I can't find the mail, but somebody (was it you, Sean?) suggested that should host a copy of ninja.exe to simplify the process of setting
up a Windows builder; the problem about Ninja is that it requires MSVC to
be installed on the Windows machine building it and we're trying to support
MSVC-less installations as well as MSVC-enabled installations.

I've built a Ninja as of today and even put it through
www.virustotal.comso as to make sure that there isn't any virus in it:

As I cannot send binaries through GMail, I've put it at

Do we want this file to go on or should I just keep it on my own
website?  I don't mind either and I volunteer to update it occasionally.

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