[PATCH] Fix crash when using NEON array types in inline ASM

Oliver Stannard oliver.stannard at arm.com
Thu Nov 14 08:10:29 PST 2013

For me that gives the "couldn't allocate output register" error and no
further errors. Since I can't reproduce it, could you please commit the


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> Thanks for the suggestion, I have attached a patch which falls back to the
generic code. However, I have not been able to reproduce your assertion when
building with clang. Both clang and llc give the error message "couldn't
allocate output register for constraint 'w'", then exit with no further
errors or assertions. What command-line are you using to run clang?

$ clang tmp.c -S -o- -ffreestanding -target thumbv7-linux-gnueabi

But if you can't reproduce it then it's not really fair to get you to
work out what's going on. The patch you've attached looks good in
those circumstances; would you like me to commit it?



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