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Stepan Dyatkovskiy stpworld at
Thu Nov 14 04:34:29 PST 2013

Please find bug description at:

Sorry, I forget, that fixes should be published in llvm-commits, not in 
bugzilla. So, below is fix description.

The are cases when we CAN treat pointers as integers, and places when we 
CAN'T. Below is my proposal:
* We treat pointers as integers when we compare function formal arguments.
* Otherwise, we can't do that in general.
* We can add more exceptions, where address space affects nothing: for 
example argument of "ret" instruction.
The patch is attached.

Though, by now, it breaks 3 tests, but only since these tests checks 
things that are wrong in general. We have to decide what to do with 
these things:
1. Can we always ignore address space of 'ret' type?
2. Isn't it imprortant to tread 'load' instruction as different if they 
accepts pointers with different address spaces?
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