[PATCH] [DOCS] How to Add a Builder

Renato Golin renato.golin at linaro.org
Thu Nov 14 02:26:55 PST 2013

On 14 November 2013 06:00, Mikael Lyngvig <mikael at lyngvig.org> wrote:

> Is anybody with knowledge of the buildbot system listening in?  Do the
> builders start from scratch each time or do they simply resume and continue
> after having performed an "svn update"?  The build times strongly suggest
> that they start over from scratch, at least some of them.

Hi Mikael,

If you specify "Clean=false", as I do for all ARM bots, it just does an
incremental build. This is why I don't use CCache. ;)

The main issue is when someone updates a core header, and then suddenly you
have to re-build a thousand files. That does happen a few times a day,
unfortunatelly. I'm not sure CCache will help you there, since the
dependency will have changes anyway and you *must* re-compile. Ninja is a
lot better than Make in that respect, but my bots are running with Make.
I'd like to move to Ninja one day, but had no time yet.

To solve this problem, I've been sold to the idea of C++ modules (I was
originally resistant, but heck, it's a pretty darn good idea). However,
having that in LLVM will take a very loooong time. ;)

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