Re: [PATCH] Implement aarch64 neon instructio​n class SIMD misc - LLVM

Tim Northover t.p.northover at
Wed Nov 13 16:09:57 PST 2013

  Hi Kevin,

  Just spotted one small thing. It looks like there's a Neon_AllOne you could create along the lines of the Neon_AllZero. Everything else looks fine, so as far as I'm concerned you can make that change and commit immediately. I'll take a look at the svn log when it happens.



Comment at: lib/Target/AArch64/
@@ +6646,3 @@
+            (v8i16 VPR128:$Rn),
+            (v8i16 (bitconvert (v16i8 (Neon_movi (i32 255), (i32 14))))))),
+          (NOT16b VPR128:$Rn)>;
And is this AllOnes?

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