[PATCH] Change llvm-objdump to print (bad) for invalid instructions

Rafael EspĂ­ndola rafael.espindola at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 12:14:05 PDT 2013

On 17 October 2013 19:12, Stephen Checkoway <s at pahtak.org> wrote:
> On Oct 17, 2013, at 5:31 PM, Rafael EspĂ­ndola <rafael.espindola at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I think you forgot to attache the patch.
> And I was just being impressed with myself for sending so many emails and remembering to attach the patches. Ah hubris. Patch attached. Thanks!

Why a unit test? Can't we use llvm-objdump to test this by feeding it
an object with a .text section containing N zeros and a valid
instruction? llvm-mc should be able to produce it with

.zero N

with an appropriate N for different arches (1 for x86, 4 for ppc, etc).


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