[PATCH] AArch64 Neon Misc Scalar Arithmetic Instructions

Hao Liu Hao.Liu at arm.com
Fri Oct 4 06:04:39 PDT 2013

Hi Chad,

I've used MC Hammer to test your patch about the MC layer. 

All tests are passed, which means the disassemble and assemble work well.


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Subject: [PATCH] AArch64 Neon Misc Scalar Arithmetic Instructions

The attached patches contain clang front-end and LLVM back-end code changes
to add support for the following NEON scalar arithmetic

-Signed saturating doubling multiply high half - SQDMULH -Signed saturating
rounding doubling multiply high half - SQRDMULH -Floating-point multiply
extended - FMULX -Floating-point reciprocal step - FRECPS -Floating-point
reciprocal square root step - FRSQRTS

Please have a look!


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