[PATCH] AArch64 Neon Misc Scalar Arithmetic Instructions

James Molloy james at jamesmolloy.co.uk
Thu Oct 3 09:59:54 PDT 2013

Hi Chad,

Just after having a very quick once-over:

+                                !strconcat(asmop, " $Rd, $Rn, $Rm"),

Is it not normal to separate the opcode and operands with '\t' instead of '

-multiclass Neon_Scalar_D_size_patterns<SDPatternOperator opnode,
-                                       Instruction INSTD> {
+multiclass Neon_Scalar3Same_D_size_patterns<SDPatternOperator opnode,
+                                            Instruction INSTD> {
   def : Pat<(v1i64 (opnode (v1i64 FPR64:$Rn), (v1i64 FPR64:$Rm))),
             (INSTD FPR64:$Rn, FPR64:$Rm)>;

Is there any particular reason you're adding a multiclass with only one
(anonymous) element? Is it just so the later definitions can all
consistently be "defm" or are you going to be adding to this class?

-defm : Neon_Scalar_D_size_patterns<int_arm_neon_vqadds, SQADDddd>;
-defm : Neon_Scalar_D_size_patterns<int_arm_neon_vqaddu, UQADDddd>;
-defm : Neon_Scalar_D_size_patterns<int_arm_neon_vqsubs, SQSUBddd>;
-defm : Neon_Scalar_D_size_patterns<int_arm_neon_vqsubu, UQSUBddd>;
+defm : Neon_Scalar3Same_D_size_patterns<int_arm_neon_vqadds, SQADDddd>;
+defm : Neon_Scalar3Same_D_size_patterns<int_arm_neon_vqaddu, UQADDddd>;
+defm : Neon_Scalar3Same_D_size_patterns<int_arm_neon_vqsubs, SQSUBddd>;
+defm : Neon_Scalar3Same_D_size_patterns<int_arm_neon_vqsubu, UQSUBddd>;

I'm sure this has been mentioned before, and you've obviously not changed
this, but are we deliberately reusing all v7/AArch32 intrinsics
("int_arm_*") and only adding new ones under "int_aarch64_*"? or is this
code an oversight?

Apologies for any stupidity, I haven't been following along much with the
v8 NEON implementation.



On 3 October 2013 17:39, <mcrosier at codeaurora.org> wrote:

> All,
> The attached patches contain clang front-end and LLVM back-end code
> changes to add support for the following NEON scalar arithmetic
> instructions:
> -Signed saturating doubling multiply high half - SQDMULH
> -Signed saturating rounding doubling multiply high half - SQRDMULH
> -Floating-point multiply extended - FMULX
> -Floating-point reciprocal step - FRECPS
> -Floating-point reciprocal square root step - FRSQRTS
> Please have a look!
>  Chad
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