[PATCH] Enable building LTO on WIN32

Rafael Espíndola rafael.espindola at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 13:53:29 PDT 2013


On 1 October 2013 16:45,  <Greg_Bedwell at sn.scee.net> wrote:
> Right... Let's try that again!
> So my last patch was reverted for breaking the build (sorry!).   I tracked
> down the problem to affecting builds through Ninja only.  The problem came
> down to the fact that I was specifying the def file option to the linker
> for the whole LTO CMake file.  On the Visual Studio and MinGW builds this
> was fine because the linker is used to build the DLL and the lib tool is
> used to create LTO_static so CMake was adding the def file to the DLL
> build only as expected.  The difference is that when building with Ninja
> the linker is used for both steps, with '/lib' specified for LTO_static to
> invoke the lib tool indirectly.   This difference meant that CMake was
> adding the def file to both the DLL and LTO_static builds, but it was
> clearly only valid for the DLL.  I've modified my change to now explicitly
> only add the def file to the DLL build.
> I've tested the Windows build with VS2010, VS2012, Ninja and MinGW so
> hopefully I've covered all my bases now...
> Here's my updated patch.  All feedback welcomed.
> Thanks,
> -Greg
> (BTW Ninja does seem really nice and fast, so all the future hours I save
> waiting for MSVC to do its thing is one big positive to come out of this
> :-)
> Rafael Espíndola <rafael.espindola at gmail.com> wrote on 30/09/2013
> 16:31:59:
>> From: Rafael Espíndola <rafael.espindola at gmail.com>
>> To: Greg_Bedwell at sn.scee.net
>> Cc: llvm-commits <llvm-commits at cs.uiuc.edu>
>> Date: 30/09/2013 16:32
>> Subject: Re: [PATCH] Enable building LTO on WIN32
>> On 30 September 2013 10:57,  <Greg_Bedwell at sn.scee.net> wrote:
>> >> We should switch to in source annotations at some point, but we
> should
>> >> do so for windows and ELF/MachO at the same time. Using the .def for
>> >> now is OK.
>> >>
>> >
>> > Thanks.  I agree with this entirely.
>> >
>> >> Patch LGTM.
>> >
>> > Please can you commit for me?  I'm still working towards commit
> access. Do
>> > you want me to rebase against top of trunk?
>> r191670. Thanks.
>> Cheers,
>> Rafael
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