[PATCH] Fix transitivity of sort in DAGISelEmitter.cpp

Richard Sandiford rsandifo at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Sep 30 06:53:49 PDT 2013

DAGISelEmitter.cpp sorts patterns using:

  bool operator()(const PatternToMatch *LHS, const PatternToMatch *RHS) {
    const TreePatternNode *LHSSrc = LHS->getSrcPattern();
    const TreePatternNode *RHSSrc = RHS->getSrcPattern();

    if (LHSSrc->getNumTypes() != 0 && RHSSrc->getNumTypes() != 0 &&
        LHSSrc->getType(0) != RHSSrc->getType(0)) {
      MVT::SimpleValueType V1 = LHSSrc->getType(0), V2 = RHSSrc->getType(0);
      if (MVT(V1).isVector() != MVT(V2).isVector())
        return MVT(V2).isVector();

      if (MVT(V1).isFloatingPoint() != MVT(V2).isFloatingPoint())
        return MVT(V2).isFloatingPoint();


But ignoring the types of LHS when RHS has no types (or vice versa)
can break transitivity.  E.g. if X and RHS have types, but LHS doesn't,
we might have X < LHS, LHS < RHS (both skipping the type test above)
and RHS < X (using the type test above).

One fix would be to sort on "has types" first.  Another would be to use
something like MVT::Other for patterns that have no types.  The latter seems
a little simpler, so that's what the first patch below does.

I checked this using the second patch, which I wasn't intending to commit,
but can if it seems useful.  The abort triggers for several ports on my box
as things stand, but doesn't trigger with the first patch applied.

I'm hoping this is the cause of the host-dependent failures seen with r191611,
since the outcome of the current sort will depend on the qsort implementation.

OK to apply?


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