[PATCH][Mips][msa] Direct Object Emission for the MSA instruction set - Initial support

Matheus Almeida Matheus.Almeida at imgtec.com
Wed Sep 25 04:52:25 PDT 2013

In more detail, this patch adds the ability to parse, encode
and decode MSA registers ($w0-$w31). The format of 2RF instructions
(MipsMSAInstrFormat.td) was updated so that we could attach a test case to
this patch i.e., the test case parses, encodes and decodes 2 MSA
instructions. Following patches will add the remainder of the instructions.

Note that DecodeMSA128BRegisterClass is missing from MipsDisassembler.td because it's not yet
required at this stage and having it would cause a compiler warning (unused function).

Matheus Almeida
MIPS processor IP

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