XCore target: fix bug in XCoreLowerThreadLocal.cpp

Robert Lytton robert at xmos.com
Tue Sep 24 02:02:00 PDT 2013

Hi Richard,
The code has been changed to handle duplicate constant expressions in the phi instruction  (only triggers under O0).

From: Richard Osborne
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Hi Robert,

+          // in the calling BB, infront of the branch instruction.

calling BB doesn't seem the right terminology, how about: in the predecessor, before the branch instruction.

+          if (PHINode *PN = dyn_cast<PHINode>(WU))
+            for (int I=0, E=PN->getNumIncomingValues(); I < E; ++I)
+              if (PN->getIncomingValue(I) == CE) {
+                InsertPos = &PN->getIncomingBlock(I)->back();
+                break;
+              }
+          Instruction *NewInst = createReplacementInstr(CE, InsertPos);

What happens if the constant expression appears twice in the phi instruction? Also there should be spaces around '='

On 23/09/13 17:59, Robert Lytton wrote:

Attached is a patch to fix:

   XCore target: fix bug in XCoreLowerThreadLocal.cpp

    When a ConstantExpr which uses a thread local is part of a PHI node
    instruction, the insruction that replaces the ConstantExpr must
    be inserted in the calling block just before the branch instruction.


Richard Osborne | XMOS

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