[llvm] r191042 - Fix LTO handling of module-level assembly (PR14152).

Peter Collingbourne peter at pcc.me.uk
Fri Sep 20 12:50:26 PDT 2013

On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 12:25:17PM -0700, Tom Roeder wrote:
> Actually, it looks like libLTO.so simply isn't getting built or found here
> and that's why the test is failing.

Hm?  The compile log:
seems to indicate that libLTO is being built.

I suspect that the problem is that the rpath isn't being embedded
in the llvm-lto binary on FreeBSD in the correct way, though I can't
tell for sure, since I don't have access to a FreeBSD machine.

I'm beginning to think that the right way to solve this problem is
to move LTOCodeGenerator.cpp and LTOModule.cpp in tools/lto into
a new component 'lto' in lib/LTO and have tools/lto (which would
then contain only the C interface) and tools/llvm-lto (and maybe
tools/gold in the future) depend on the lto component.  That way,
the LTO support library is no different to any other component of
LLVM and is less likely to cause problems across platforms.


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