[PATCH/RFC] Using the same RegisterClass names in TableGen and C++

Richard Sandiford rsandifo at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Sep 19 02:39:49 PDT 2013

SystemZRegisterInfo.td has a RegisterClass-and-RegisterOperand pair for each
conceptual register class.  The RegisterOperand is needed for custom parsing.

RegisterClass and RegisterOperand are both DAGOperands, so the two definitions
need to be distinct records with distinct names, rather than something like:

  def Foo : RegisterClass <...>, RegisterOperand <...>;

The C++ name of the RegisterClass is the TableGen name + "RegClass".

While doing the port out-of-tree, I wanted to make as few changes
to the generic code as possible, so I went for a system where the
RegisterOperand (which is used most in the .td file) has the short,
obvious name, and where the RegisterClass had "Bit" added to it.
This gave C++ names like "GR32BitRegClass", which although a bit more
verbose than I'd have liked did at least make some kind of sense.

The problem is that I now want to add more classes where "BitRegClass"
wouldn't make sense.  What I'd like to do instead (and wanted originally
really) was for the RegisterClass to have the same name in the TableGen
and C++ code, without "RegClass" being automatically added to one to get
the other.

The second patch below does this by adding an optional Name field to the
RegisterClass.  The old X+"RegClass" scheme is still used when the
name isn't set.  The third patch makes use of this in the SystemZ port.

One snag is that although the register class is X+"RegClass" and the
enumeration id is X+"RegClassID", the disassembler decode routines
use X+"RegisterClass".  I could have worked around that by only
changing the decode name when the Name field is set, but it seemed
better to be consistent.  So the first patch makes the decode routines
use X+"RegClass" too.

I realise this probably seems like a lot of churn, but does it look OK?


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