[PATCH] request for approval: llvm-c: Make LLVMGetFirstTarget a proper prototype

Anders Waldenborg anders at 0x63.nu
Wed Sep 18 12:35:53 PDT 2013

wanders added you to the CC list for the revision "request for approval: llvm-c: Make LLVMGetFirstTarget a proper prototype".

Hi baldrick,

This avoids warnings when included in a application that
uses -Wstrict-prototypes.



Index: include/llvm-c/TargetMachine.h
--- include/llvm-c/TargetMachine.h
+++ include/llvm-c/TargetMachine.h
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
 } LLVMCodeGenFileType;
 /** Returns the first llvm::Target in the registered targets list. */
-LLVMTargetRef LLVMGetFirstTarget();
+LLVMTargetRef LLVMGetFirstTarget(void);
 /** Returns the next llvm::Target given a previous one (or null if there's none) */
 LLVMTargetRef LLVMGetNextTarget(LLVMTargetRef T);
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