[PATCH] implement 3 aarch64 neon instrunctions (umov smov ins) in llvm

Kevin Qin kevinqindev at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 01:52:41 PDT 2013

Hi Tim,

I changed my patch by:

*Change custom promotion to pattern match.
*Always emit fmov when lowering copy.

Please reivew, thanks.

2013/9/13 Tim Northover <t.p.northover at gmail.com>

> Hi Kevin,
> > I see many developers use llvm-reviews.chandlerc.com for review, so I
> upload my patch there.
> Good idea, I quite like the software when you get used to it. One
> thing: it's best to put llvm-commits in the CC list, otherwise most
> people will have no idea the patch is there.
> A few more comments:
> > setOperationAction(ISD::EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT, MVT::v8i8, Custom);
> I'm hoping these won't be necessary any more (in fact they're the main
> reason I decided to implement the RegisterOperand change when I did) .
> Now that VPR64 and VPR128 are more sanely related, you should be able
> to write patterns for this instead of the custom lowering.
> >  BuildMI(MBB, I, DL, get(AArch64::INSsw), DestReg)
> >          .addReg(DestReg)
> I still think the separate NEON instructions are a mistake. Last time
> you asked for solid evidence, and I obviously couldn't say much. I've
> run a set of tight loops exercising the product { NEON, Scalar, Mixed}
> x { FMOV, INS }.
> As expected, mixing NEON and scalar instructions made essentially no
> difference but using INS instead of FMOV slowed the program down
> (massively, until I decided to be kind and break the artificial
> register-dependency introduced, then only slightly).
> > multiclass Neon_SMOV_pattern2 <RegisterOperand OpVPR, ValueType OpTy,
> >                               Operand OpImm, Instruction SMOVI> {
>  >def : Pat<(i64 (sext
> There's no need for a multiclass with just one member. You can use a
> class instead.
> Cheers.
> Tim.

Best Regards,

Kevin Qin
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