[PATCH] [Object] Split the ELF interface into 3 parts.

Sean Silva silvas at purdue.edu
Tue Jun 25 14:13:21 PDT 2013

  Is there any way you can factor out ELFTypes.h in a separate (obvious) patch? In general, I'm having a hard time seeing what is "new code" and what is code that is just being moved around and renamed; can you split the patch up at all?

Comment at: include/llvm/Object/ELF.h:357
@@ -780,1 +356,3 @@
+        sec->sh_entsize,
+        (const char *)(base() + sec->sh_offset + sec->sh_size));
It seems like you have a lot of cases of this pattern `(const char *)(base() + X))`. Could you factor that out into a member function?


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