[llvm-commits] [PATCH][APFloat] add APFloat::isDenormal()

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Wed Jan 2 12:19:14 PST 2013

Hi Shuxin,

 >     The "test" is hard-coded in the InstCombineAddSub.cpp (this part is not
> going to be committed).
> and the test is triggered by any *.ll having a fadd instruction.
>     The "test" covers the tricky cases about single/double/quadruple-precision
> as well as Intel 80-bit
> double-ext precision floating-point. I don't know how to test PPC FP. But I
> don't think it is necessary
> to test PPC FP as APFloat is a arch-neutral representations of all these formats.

maybe turn it into a unit test (presumably in unittests/ADT/APFloatTest.cpp)?

Ciao, Duncan.

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