[llvm-commits] Improved Covered Default Switch detection

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Sun Nov 25 16:44:42 PST 2012

Joe Abbey <joe.abbey at gmail.com> writes:

>>> Is this not as expected?
>> I don't think so. Unless you ask for something different, CMake should
>> use c++ (->clang++) for C++ and cc (->clang) for C as defaults. Doing
>> otherwise looks like a bug. Unless OSX has a tradition of broken or
>> inferior cc which makes gcc preferable.
>> BTW, what I mentioned on my other message was on Linux.
> Interesting. Can you apply my patch and test to see if it works with
> your builds?

It's too late here, sorry, but your patch seems plain correct.

The unrelated set(... -> list(APPEND changes shouldn't be mixed with the
fix proper, IMO. Same for the cmake_minimum_required command. LLVM
already requires cmake version 2.8 on the top CMakeLists.txt.

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