[llvm-commits] Testing the dependence analysis

Sebastian Pop spop at codeaurora.org
Mon Sep 24 14:52:22 PDT 2012

+// Used to test the dependence analyzer.
+// Looks through the function, noting the first store instruction
+// and the first load instruction
+// (which always follows the first load in our tests).
+// Calls depends() and prints out the result.
+// Ignores all other instructions.
+void dumpExampleDependence(raw_ostream &OS, Function *F,
+                           DependenceAnalysis *DA) {

On the GCC side, I was printing the full dependence graph instead
of only the first relation.  Also one thing to consider is to use Polly to
compute the same representation and then diff the two representations.
In GCC I had a flag that was comparing the data dependence info computed
by GCC against the Omega test. When something was different, it aborts and
reports everything about the dependence test.

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