[llvm-commits] Move register tables from MipsDisassembler

Medic, Vladimir vmedic at mips.com
Fri Jun 1 05:20:55 PDT 2012

Hi Jakob,
if I'm not mistaken, these are defined inside of anonymous namespace and are not visible outside _Target_GenRegisterInfo.inc. If I try to include this in more than one module I get link error.

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To: Medic, Vladimir
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Subject: Re: [llvm-commits] Move register tables from MipsDisassembler

On May 31, 2012, at 8:10 AM, "Medic, Vladimir" <vmedic at mips.com<mailto:vmedic at mips.com>> wrote:

He everyone,
please find attached the patch that moves register definitions from MipsDisassembler.cpp into a new header file. This is done so the tables can be used from other modules.

Hi Vladimir,

Can't you use the register class tables generated by TableGen instead? They should be available through MCRegisterInfo.


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