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docs/lit: Add some notes on the lit test run output format.


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 parameters -- for example, to change the test format, or the suffixes which
 identify test files.
+The b<lit> output for a test run conforms to the following schema, in both short
+and verbose modes (although in short mode no PASS lines will be shown). This
+schema has been chosen to be relatively easy to reliably parse by a machine (for
+example in buildbot log scraping), and for other tools to generate.
+Each test result is expected to appear on a line that matches:
+<result code>: <test name> (<progress info>)
+where <result-code> is a standard test result such as PASS, FAIL, XFAIL, XPASS,
+UNRESOLVED, or UNSUPPORTED. The performance result codes of IMPROVED and
+REGRESSED are also allowed.
+The <test name> field can consist of an arbitrary string containing no newline.
+The <progress info> field can be used to report progress information such as
+(1/300) or can be empty, but even when empty the parentheses are required.
+Each test result may include additional (multiline) log information in the
+following format.
+<log delineator> TEST '(<test name>)' <trailing delineator>
+... log message ...
+<log delineator>
+where <test name> should be the name of a preceeding reported test, <log
+delineator> is a string of '*' characters I<at least> four characters long (the
+recommended length is 20), and <trailing delineator> is an arbitrary (unparsed)
+The following is an example of a test run output which consists of four tests A,
+B, C, and D, and a log message for the failing test C.
+=head3 Example Test Run Output Listing
+PASS: A (1 of 4)
+PASS: B (2 of 4)
+FAIL: C (3 of 4)
+******************** TEST 'C' FAILED ********************
+Test 'C' failed as a result of exit code 1.
+PASS: D (4 of 4)
 The B<lit> distribution contains several example implementations of test suites

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