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Daniel Dunbar daniel at zuster.org
Thu Mar 15 14:41:37 PDT 2012

Author: ddunbar
Date: Thu Mar 15 16:41:37 2012
New Revision: 152854

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=152854&view=rev
[LNT] docs: Simplify help text and quickstart to avoid passing --cxx and the
machine name argument (which is now optional). Most users probably will never
need either of those.


Modified: zorg/trunk/lnt/docs/quickstart.rst
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/zorg/trunk/lnt/docs/quickstart.rst?rev=152854&r1=152853&r2=152854&view=diff
--- zorg/trunk/lnt/docs/quickstart.rst (original)
+++ zorg/trunk/lnt/docs/quickstart.rst Thu Mar 15 16:41:37 2012
@@ -64,13 +64,7 @@
            lnt runtest nt \
                --sandbox SANDBOX \
                --cc ~/llvm.obj/Release/bin/clang \
-               --cxx ~/llvm.obj/Release/bin/clang++ \
-               --test-suite ~/llvm-test-suite \
-               MACHINENAME
+               --test-suite ~/llvm-test-suite
    The ``SANDBOX`` value is a path to where the test suite build products and
    results will be stored (inside a timestamped directory, by default).
-   The ``MACHINENAME`` value is used to identify the machine that produced the
-   results. This is only important if you plan on submitting the results to a
-   server (but is always required, I just use 'FOO' for dummy runs).

Modified: zorg/trunk/lnt/lnt/tests/nt.py
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/zorg/trunk/lnt/lnt/tests/nt.py?rev=152854&r1=152853&r2=152854&view=diff
--- zorg/trunk/lnt/lnt/tests/nt.py (original)
+++ zorg/trunk/lnt/lnt/tests/nt.py Thu Mar 15 16:41:37 2012
@@ -825,14 +825,11 @@
   %%prog %(name)s \\
     --sandbox FOO \\
     --cc ~/llvm.obj.64/Release/bin/clang \\
-    --cxx ~/llvm.obj.64/Release/bin/clang++ \\
-    --test-suite ~/llvm-test-suite \\
-    FOO
+    --test-suite ~/llvm-test-suite
 where --sandbox is the directory to build and store results in, --cc and --cxx
 are the full paths to the compilers to test, and --test-suite is the path to the
-test-suite source. The final argument is the base nickname to use to describe
-this run in reports.
+test-suite source.
 To do a quick test, you can add something like:

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