[llvm-commits] Your commit 150662

Peter Cooper peter_cooper at apple.com
Wed Feb 22 22:27:13 PST 2012

Hi Duncan

Also CCing the list to see if anyone knows what's going on.

I've tried to reproduce this on my Mac by getting binaries for gcc 4.2 and building in as close a setup as I can to the buildbot but I can't reproduce it.

I did notice that the make file environment variables to the tests on that machine set CC="gcc -m32". Doesn't this mean the tests will be run with the system gcc not the built llvm? If that's the case then is the fail actually a gcc bug or my commit doing something invalid that only gcc catches but llvm allows?

The only line that I can imagine causing problems is:
*this->end() = Elt;

Otherwise I'm a bit stuck. I could revert the commit?


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On Feb 21, 2012, at 2:05 AM, Duncan Sands <baldrick at free.fr> wrote:

> Hi Peter, this buildbot http://lab.llvm.org:8011/builders/llvm-i686-debian
> has been broken since this commit ("Template specialize SmallVector::push_back
> based on POD-ness of the type.  Reduces clang binary by 188KB"), see
>  http://lab.llvm.org:8011/builders/llvm-i686-debian/builds/1925
> The failing unit test uses SmallVector, which might explain it.  Can you please
> take a look.
> Ciao, Duncan.

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