[llvm-commits] [PATCH] compiler-rt: Sanity check architectures

Eric Christopher echristo at apple.com
Mon May 9 13:34:05 PDT 2011

On May 9, 2011, at 11:04 AM, Eric Christopher wrote:

> On May 8, 2011, at 8:35 PM, Patrick Walton wrote:
>> (rust-dev: This is an LLVM patch you might want to apply if you're 
>> trying to build with clang on the Mac.)
>> Hi everyone,
>> I've got a quick patch to compiler-rt that makes it do a simple sanity 
>> check on the toolchain before trying to compile for each architecture. 
>> This makes clang able to be built again on Darwin without having to 
>> install the iOS SDK.
> Seems reasonable to me. Unless I hear an objection I'll apply it a bit
> later.

Committed in:

[yendi:llvm/projects/compiler-rt] echristo% svn ci
Sending        make/platform/clang_darwin.mk
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 131098.


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