[llvm-commits] Issue with Win64 local area stack offset

Jan Sjodin jan_sjodin at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 15 08:42:48 PST 2010

Yes, I should have tried to finish my patch, but other things got in the way. 
Thanks for looking into it!
I explained i the previous emails what I believed was wrong with the old 
- Jan

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> From: NAKAMURA Takumi <geek4civic at gmail.com>
> To: Jan Sjodin <jan_sjodin at yahoo.com>
> Cc: Anton Korobeynikov <anton at korobeynikov.info>; llvm-commits at cs.uiuc.edu
> Sent: Mon, December 13, 2010 11:09:42 PM
> Subject: Re: [llvm-commits] Issue with Win64 local area stack offset
> Jan,
> I am sorry, I missed your patch and I have proposed yet another  similar 
> IMHO, r112875 was incomplete. Although it was better for  two tests, I
> met wrong outputs with recent tests, provided by Cameron  Esfahani.
> # win64_params.ll
> f6:
>          movl    80(%rsp), %eax
>         addl     72(%rsp), %eax
>         ret
> The offsets +72  and +80 do not point %p5 and %p6!
> "win64_vararg.ll" had been improved  after that.
> ...Takumi

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