[llvm-commits] [PATCH] Missing new line at the end of a few files.

Edward O'Callaghan eocallaghan at auroraux.org
Tue Jun 16 13:50:19 PDT 2009

Good day,

I believe a few people have different platforms and editors of choice
so these little grammar errors creep in:


At revision 73549.

The change in the Makefile.rules insures that missing new line feeds
should be an error since the spec says so.
ISO/IEC 14882:1998(E) ?2.1:2
on page 9
(logical page)
(physical page 35)

I highly appreciate our warning free builds and hope this maintains it
by forcing people with such editors to keep to the spec. Its a fine
example of our code base cleanness and correctness.

Thanks for your time,


Edward O'Callaghan
eocallaghan at auroraux dot org

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