[llvm-commits] [llvm] r61164 - in /llvm/trunk: include/llvm/Analysis/DebugInfo.h include/llvm/CodeGen/MachineModuleInfo.h lib/Analysis/DebugInfo.cpp

Devang Patel dpatel at apple.com
Thu Dec 18 11:03:30 PST 2008

On Dec 18, 2008, at 11:00 AM, Chris Lattner wrote:

> On Dec 18, 2008, at 9:44 AM, Devang Patel wrote:
>>> My understanding is that this just adds two fields to a few
>>> descriptors.  Instead of bumping the version number for debug info,
>>> is
>>> it possible to just treat structs with insufficient number of
>>> elements
>>> as having them set to empty?  This is what Analysis/DebugInfo does
>>> already for everything.
>> I want to use version number to decide:
>> 1) Emit DW_TAG_compile_unit for each DICompileUnit seen vs. Emit just
>> one DW_TAG_compile_unit even though multiple DICompileUnit is seen.
>> This is for backward compatibility.
>> 2) Use compile_unit to identify source file info. vs. use filename
>> field for source file info. In version7, filename field must provide
>> source file info. (when required) otherwise we are dealing with
>> invalid llvm.dbg value.
> Ok!  Is this all implemented now, or is v7 going to be evolving over
> time until the 2.5 release?

Yes, v7 is going to be evolving over until 2.5 release.

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