[llvm-bugs] Issue 3821 in oss-fuzz: llvm/clang-proto-fuzzer: ASSERT: (isa<SCEVCouldNotCompute>(ExactNotTaken) || !isa<SCEVCouldNotCompute>(MaxNotTake

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Mon Oct 30 19:08:44 PDT 2017

Comment #2 on issue 3821 by kcc at google.com: llvm/clang-proto-fuzzer:  
ASSERT: (isa<SCEVCouldNotCompute>(ExactNotTaken) | 
| !isa<SCEVCouldNotCompute>(MaxNotTake

C repro:

void foo(int *a) {
while (((1+(1+a[0]))+1)){
while ((a[0]+a[32])){
while (((1/(1+a[0]))+1)){

  clang -cc1 -triple x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu -emit-obj  z.cc -O2

llvm::ScalarEvolution::ExitLimit::ExitLimit(const llvm::SCEV *, const  
llvm::SCEV *, bool, ArrayRef<const SmallPtrSetImpl<const  
llvm::SCEVPredicate *> *>): Assertion  
`(isa<SCEVCouldNotCompute>(ExactNotTaken) | 
| !isa<SCEVCouldNotCompute>(MaxNotTaken)) && "Exact is not allowed to be  
less precise than Max"' failed.

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