[llvm-bugs] Issue 3727 in oss-fuzz: llvm/llvm-special-case-list-fuzzer: Global-buffer-overflow in p_bracket

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Mon Oct 23 22:41:12 PDT 2017

Comment #3 on issue 3727 by kcc at google.com:  
llvm/llvm-special-case-list-fuzzer: Global-buffer-overflow in p_bracket

Of course, this is just regexp:
==1==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: global-buffer-overflow on address  
0x0000006a18bc at pc 0x00000057f8e9 bp 0x7ffc38c8faf0 sp 0x7ffc38c8fae8
READ of size 1 at 0x0000006a18bc thread T0
SCARINESS: 12 (1-byte-read-global-buffer-overflow)
#0 0x57f8e8 in p_b_coll_elem /src/llvm/lib/Support/regcomp.c:889:42
#1 0x57f8e8 in p_b_eclass /src/llvm/lib/Support/regcomp.c:848
#2 0x57f8e8 in p_b_term /src/llvm/lib/Support/regcomp.c:783
  #3 0x57f8e8 in p_bracket /src/llvm/lib/Support/regcomp.c:698
  #4 0x56d884 in p_ere_exp /src/llvm/lib/Support/regcomp.c:377:3
  #5 0x56d884 in p_ere /src/llvm/lib/Support/regcomp.c:277
  #6 0x56e1fb in p_ere_exp /src/llvm/lib/Support/regcomp.c:331:4
  #7 0x56e1fb in p_ere /src/llvm/lib/Support/regcomp.c:277
#8 0x56b074 in llvm_regcomp /src/llvm/lib/Support/regcomp.c:232:3
#9 0x56a6dd in llvm::Regex::Regex(llvm::StringRef, unsigned int)  

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