[llvm-bugs] Issue 3629 in oss-fuzz: ASSERT: Offset <= INT_MAX && "Offset too big to fit in int."

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Mon Oct 16 13:22:40 PDT 2017

Comment #2 on issue 3629 by jus... at justinbogner.com: ASSERT: Offset <=  
INT_MAX && "Offset too big to fit in int."

Reproducer in IR:

source_filename = "M"

define void @f() {
   %A11 = alloca i16
   %A7 = alloca i1, i32 -1
   %L4 = load i1, i1* %A7
   store i16 -32768, i16* %A11
   br label %BB1

BB1:                                              ; preds = %BB
   %C5 = icmp eq i1 %L4, %L4
   store i1 %C5, i1* undef
   store i16*** undef, i16**** undef
   ret void

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