[llvm-bugs] [Bug 24684] InitPreprocessor.cpp:InitializePredefinedMacros constructs a version string from out-of-scope memory

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Fedor Sergeev <Fedor.Sergeev at oracle.com> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Fedor Sergeev <Fedor.Sergeev at oracle.com> ---
OP appears to be confused by Builder.defineMacro functionality.

> It stringifies it, but by the time it's stringified, the std::string from
> getClangFullRepositoryVersion() has gone out of scope.

defineMacro takes a string (well, Twine) argument and pushes it into the 'Out'
stream (which is by itself is a stream on a string buffer). This argument needs
to be alive only for the duration of defineMacro and not any longer.

And for sure, getClangFullRepositoryVersion() return result temporary
std::string leaves till the end of the full expression - which is a function
call to defineMacro in this case. Hence it lives just fine at least till the
end of defineMacro.

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