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Mark Millard <markmi at dsl-only.net> changed:

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--- Comment #24 from Mark Millard <markmi at dsl-only.net> ---
(In reply to Krzysztof Parzyszek from comment #19)
> Committed a fix in r302183.

Bad news: Another code generation error, this
time demonstrated in compiling part of perl5. . .
(I tried to build a port that indirectly
tried build perl5 but perl5's miniperl crashes.)


has Perl_cast_iv(NV f) for which clang double stores
two different things to one address [24(r1)]. Below
the => lines are the double store, the second
destroying the r30 value that was saved in the first:

Dump of assembler code for function Perl_cast_iv:
   0x0196a114 <+0>:     mflr    r0
   0x0196a118 <+4>:     stw     r0,4(r1)
   0x0196a11c <+8>:     stwu    r1,-32(r1)
   0x0196a120 <+12>:    stw     r31,28(r1)
=>   0x0196a124 <+16>:  stw     r30,24(r1)
   0x0196a128 <+20>:    mr      r31,r1
   0x0196a12c <+24>:    mfcr    r12
=>   0x0196a130 <+28>:  stw     r12,24(r31)

Note: r31 == r1 for that second "=>" line.

The return code sequence has a similar
problem: two loads from the same address.

Note: r31 == r1 here too.

=>   0x0196a1bc <+168>: lwz     r12,24(r31)
   0x0196a1c0 <+172>:   lwz     r0,36(r1)
   0x0196a1c4 <+176>:   lwz     r31,28(r1)
=>   0x0196a1c8 <+180>: lwz     r30,24(r1)
   0x0196a1cc <+184>:   mtcrf   32,r12
   0x0196a1d0 <+188>:   addi    r1,r1,32
   0x0196a1d4 <+192>:   mtlr    r0
   0x0196a1d8 <+196>:   blr

The Perl_cast_iv source code looks like:

Perl_cast_iv(NV f)
  if (f < IV_MAX_P1)
    return f < IV_MIN ? IV_MIN : (IV) f;
  if (f < UV_MAX_P1) {
    /* For future flexibility allowing for sizeof(UV) >= sizeof(IV)  */
    if (f < UV_MAX_P1_HALF)
      return (IV)(UV) f;
    f -= UV_MAX_P1_HALF;
    return (IV)(((UV) f) | (1 + (UV_MAX >> 1)));
    return (IV)(UV) f;
  return f > 0 ? (IV)UV_MAX : 0 /* NaN */;

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