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Eric Fiselier <eric at efcs.ca> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from Eric Fiselier <eric at efcs.ca> ---
Your iter_swap overload doesn't meet the requirements of C++1z [alg.swap]/p5:

>   template<class ForwardIterator1, class ForwardIterator2>
>     void iter_swap(ForwardIterator1 a, ForwardIterator2 b);
> Requires: a and b shall be dereferenceable. *a shall be swappable 
> with ( *b.

That requires your IntProxy type to be swappable, which it is not. violating
the function preconditions, and according to [res.on.required]:

> Violation of the preconditions specified in a function’s
> Requires: paragraph results in undefined behavior
> unless the function’s Throws: paragraph specifies throwing
> an exception when  the precondition is violated.

Additionally your specialization is not immune to the requirements specified in
the standard. See [namespace.std]

> A program may add a template specialization for any standard library
> template to namespace std only if [...] the specialization meets the 
> standard library requirements for the original template and is not 
> explicitly prohibited.

In summary your example has undefined behavior because IntProxy type returned
from the iterator isn't swappable and that violates the requirements for

Feel free to reopen if you disagree or if I was unclear.

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