[llvm-bugs] [Bug 34068] New: [Modules TS] libc++ multiple symbol definitions

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Fri Aug 4 11:12:03 PDT 2017


            Bug ID: 34068
           Summary: [Modules TS] libc++ multiple symbol definitions
           Product: clang
           Version: trunk
          Hardware: PC
                OS: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P
         Component: Modules
          Assignee: unassignedclangbugs at nondot.org
          Reporter: boris at codesynthesis.com
                CC: dgregor at apple.com, llvm-bugs at lists.llvm.org

When trying to link two object files corresponding to two module implementation
units I get duplicate symbol errors like this:

libbutl/sha256.so.o:(.rodata+0x1a): multiple definition of
libbutl/base64.so.o:(.rodata+0x1a): first defined here
libbutl/sha256.so.o:(.rodata+0x18): multiple definition of
libbutl/base64.so.o:(.rodata+0x18): first defined here
libbutl/sha256.so.o:(.rodata+0x19): multiple definition of
libbutl/base64.so.o:(.rodata+0x19): first defined here
libbutl/sha256.so.o:(.rodata+0x1b): multiple definition of
libbutl/sha256.so.o:(.rodata+0x10): multiple definition of
libbutl/base64.so.o:(.rodata+0x10): first defined here
libbutl/sha256.so.o:(.rodata+0x8): multiple definition of
libbutl/base64.so.o:(.rodata+0x8): first defined here
libbutl/sha256.so.o:(.rodata+0x1): multiple definition of
libbutl/base64.so.o:(.rodata+0x1): first defined here
libbutl/sha256.so.o:(.rodata+0x0): multiple definition of
libbutl/base64.so.o:(.rodata+0x0): first defined here

Making a reproducer is quite tedious (modules are a real pain without good
build system support). But I could give a link to the sources as well as the
entire compilation log if that would be helpful.

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