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Thomas Koeppe <tkoeppe at google.com> changed:

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--- Comment #23 from Thomas Koeppe <tkoeppe at google.com> ---
I'm afraid I spoke to soon; while constructing a new deque works, the move and
copy assignment operators don't work yet when the allocator has fancy pointers.

I'm getting errors like:

deque:293:11: error: call to constructor of '__map_iterator' (aka 'OffPtr<const
OffPtr<const int> >') is ambiguous
        : __m_iter_(__it.__m_iter_), __ptr_(__it.__ptr_) {}
          ^         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/usr/local/include/c++/v1/deque:1617:24: note: in instantiation of function
template specialization 'std::__1::__deque_iterator<int, OffPtr<const int>,
const int &, OffPtr<const OffPtr<const int> >, long,
      1024>::__deque_iterator<OffPtr<int>, int &, OffPtr<OffPtr<int> > >'
requested here
        __erase_to_end(_VSTD::copy(__f, __l, __base::begin()));

In brighter news, though, all other allocator-aware library constructs except
string seem to work (i.e. compile) with stateful, fancy pointer allocators now.
I haven't tried all possible operations yet, but a few common ones, and it's
looking good.

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